City Council of Rome

rascel1Case Studies – City Council of Rome – Renato Rascel

The scenario

A decade after the death of Renato Rascel the City Council of Rome managed a big happening to celebrate the work of this fine italian artist, coupling the celebration with the reopening of the well known Ambra Jovinelli Theatre. City Council of Rome commissioned to Cassiopeia the development of an Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM.

The challenge

City Council of Rome wanted to showcase this event to similar organizations around the country, and to give people a unique keepsake of their special day.
All the media available were badly damaged and required a deep restaration.

The result

rascel2Cassiopeia created an interactive CD-ROM,integrating the opera into an elegantly-designed application allowing users to learn more about Renato Rascel, enjoy his photographs, videos and songs and read the in-depth analysis written by Elisabetta Castiglioni, considered the maximum expert worldwide on Rascel.

The Technology
Cassiopeia used Macromedia Director to develop a multiplatform (Windows, Macintosh) CD-ROM and incorporated sound, video, and animation after restoration achieved by advanced tools and techniques.