PollicinoCase Studies – SIDAC – Pollicino
The scenario

Gruppo Abele has been active for more than ten years in the difficult area of parenting by drug addicts and works to safeguard two rights of children: the right to live with their own parents and the right to parents who are sufficiently mindful of the needs and development of their children.

The challenge

The Documentation and Research Centre, one of the cultural activities of Gruppo Abele, started its activity in 1975 by collecting and classifying materials concerning juvenile social uneasiness, drug addiction, social policies and the voluntary sector. The library of the Centre holded 8000 books, 500 Italian and foreign reviews/journals, 6000 documents (grey literature, conference proceedings, laws, projects, etc.) It has produced a data base that contains approximately 30.000 bibliographical items.
A widely distributable, multilanguage, multiplatform and upgradeable product was reqested.

The result

polli3An easy to use, fast full text retrieval search engine, multilanguage and multiplatform (plain DOS, Windows and Macintosh) application was developed by Cassiopeia.

The Technology
Zinc multilanguage Application Framework, C++ language development.