avatarwebcassiope Riccardo Noli is the Managing Director at Cassiopeia. He co-founded the company in 1995 and since then he headed several projects in the field of multimedia applications, multiplatform & multilanguage implementations. He was born in Rome, 1965 , following classics studies, he specialized in software design & development, programming languages, operating systems, networking, security, authoring & web design. Click here to get in contact
gmfGianmaria Figliuoli is the Technical Director in Chief at Cassiopeia and company cofounder. Born in 1961 in Barcelona, as an Electronic Engineer he served in the past as a consultant for corporate clients.He worked as the responsible of the “BRICC” project for the European Union within the RACE research program; he served as a consultant for the University of Rome “La Sapienza” within the “QEEG” project and as a teacher of the C programming language, the Unix & Windows O.S. for primary clients (Finsiel, Saritel, Sidac); he was the technical director of the “GRAPHICO” program owned by AT&T Truevision. Click here to get in contact