Business Intelligence

Sector-specific reports are the best way to understand the evolution of an industry segment. Our research documents cover everything from application service providers (ASPs), ecommerce, and software to digital cameras, portals, and the IT skills shortage. Our research reports provide market trends, competitive analysis, vendor profiles, and information on customer requirements and buying patterns. Not only do we cover the entire spectrum of technology markets and subjects, but our global coverage is unmatched in the industry.
Our typical Business Intelligence process consists of the following steps:

  • In depth analysis of the content of competitor’s websites;
  • Study of other competitor web sites;
  • Focusing on the websites and forums that concern your products or your competitor’s products;
  • Presentation of the different marketing strategies possible on the Internet for your products;
  • Investigation of new personalized services being offered to customers;
  • Use of messages in discussion forums to detect new product concepts or new markets.

Our study is carried out by competitive intelligence and marketing experts. Their work is based on the classification of relevant web sites and other information resources: forums, mailing lists, web forums, databases and so forth.
According to the customer’s requirements, the study can be organized in:

  • Reports showing the characteristics of a sector and a strategic analysis of the most; significant company web sites in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Creation of a directory of websites;
  • Print-out and download to removable storage of the key web sites, for offline browsing.