Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of the particular project.

Project Management leadership has become a highly skill. Hence, an increasingly competitive global marketplace demands that businesses get new products, services and business development completed quickly, on time and within budget.

From small companies to big businesses, project management is fuelling much of successful development of exciting new business enterprises.

Our mission is to achieve excellence through the use of skills and techniques to leverage capabilities into high velocity, superior quality product development.

Using proven project management professionals, knowledge, processes, and technology, we implement solutions that solve your organization’s unique challenges. With a focus on speed to market, our professionals deliver the skills and energy to meet your project management needs. By providing training, processes, tool implementation or on-site professionals, we will customize our total solution to meet your needs.

We offer our clients the total solution in project management. Our full-service approach provides immediate impact to your specific business problem. Using our assessment process, we focus on the individual and organizational issues that will prevent future problems and create an environment for optimal organizational performance. From providing on-line or on-site training, process and tool implementation, on-site project managers or recruiting experienced project managers for you, our total solution meets all your project management needs.

Measurable With our customized project management tools, training and professional services, our solutions deliver quantitative results. Whether measuring individual growth or organizational performance, we identify where you are today. Our total solution moves you to the project management maturity level that guarantees successful performance.

What we offer

In today’s full employment economy, the challenge that all organizations face is acquiring and retaining the talent needed to create a competitive advantage. Cassiopeia offers effective tactics to address this critical issue:

Acquiring Project Managers Whether recruiting internally or externally, we combine our knowledge of project management to create a goal-oriented interview process that improves the match between people and jobs. Using our proprietary solution, we can acquire the resources you need for success.
Retaining Top Talent The implementation of our Professional Development Program for project managers is a major step in retaining and improving your professionals.

Outsourcing Professionals While building your own staff of qualified project managers, we have the resources to provide full-time experienced project managers to support your interim project requirements.

Our typical project management process consists of the following steps:

  • Project Kick Off;
  • Project Objective & Scope;
  • Project Schedule and Budgeting;
  • Stage Schedule and Budgeting;
  • Project Organization;
  • Project Control Procedures;
  • Business Case;
  • Project Initiation Stage Assessment;
  • Project Control;
  • Stage Kick Off;
  • Project Board Meetings;
  • Quality Control;
  • Progress Control;
  • Change Control;
  • Issues Management;
  • Exception Situation;
  • Stage End Assessment;
  • Project Closure;
  • Final Product Evaluation;
  • Project Completion;
  • Process Improvement.