Risk Assessment & Management

Risks are those unexpected events that cause problems, sometimes severe problems, which threaten the success of IT projects.

There is an increasing awareness that existing methods of project management do not guarantee successful projects. In particular, there has been widespread concern regarding IT projects. Our experience shows that too much emphasis is placed on – “in time” and “on budget” and not enough on deliverable quality.

Cassiopeia have sought to resolve the problems identified by developing a project management system focused on the needs of the business, not the project. The system is designed to work above whatever project management system is being used to control the project. It reduces what is often a very complex programme of activities down to the core business issues and completion deliverables.

Benefits of our knowledge include:

  • To focus totally on the needs of the business;
  • To provide a simple yet powerful project management strategy;
  • To put critical project control back in the hands of the senior management and the project sponsors;
  • To allow senior management project control without needing to understand the detail;
  • To provides business direction for the project management team;
  • To identify risks associated with project interdependencies including ‘soft’ human issues;
  • To help develop the necessary completion integration tests.